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Property Asset Insurance

Property insurance refers to insurance products that are liable for the insured's property and related interests due to losses caused by natural disasters or accidents. Property insurance, including family property insurance, liability insurance, insurance covered by property or interest.

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Property asset insurance

Protect the housing and indoor property you live in, whether it is natural risks such as typhoon, heavy rain, lightning strikes, or risks such as fire, explosion, and theft.

Property Insurance

Price $180
Houses $200-$2,000,000
House renovation $500-$2,000,000
Indoor property $200 - $2,000,000
Indoor burglary protection $200 - $200,000
Plumbing pipe burst loss $200-$200,000
Electrical safety for household appliances $200-$200,000
Home responsibility $300-$300,0000


Covering the loss of houses due to fire, typhoon, heavy rain, mudslides, etc. The house refers to the main structure of the house and the indoor accessory equipment that existed at the time of delivery. (Note: The house referred to in this insurance is a reinforced concrete or brick-concrete structure with legal property rights of the insured.)

Insurance amount $200-$2,000,000

House renovation

Covering the loss of house decoration caused by fire, natural disasters, falling or collapse of external objects. Including indoor accessories for house decoration.

Insurance amount $500-$2,000,000

Indoor property

Underwriting causes damage to indoor property due to fires, natural disasters, falling or collapse of external objects. Includes portable home appliances and watches, but does not include gold and silver, jewelry, jewelry, securities, and other property that cannot be valued. (Indoor property insurance is the sum of the amount of insurance for household appliances, furniture, clothing, shoes, hats, bags, and bedding.)

Insurance amount $200 - $2,000,000

Plumbing pipe burst loss

Underwriting the property damage caused by high pressure, collision, severe cold, high temperature caused by the plumbing of the plumbing pipe (including the inside of the insured house, the upstairs occupants, the neighboring house and the plumbing pipe belonging to the owner). (Every accident is absolutely free of $500 .)

Insurance amount $200-$200,000

Indoor burglary protection

Underwriting household appliances (including portable computers such as laptops, mobile phones, digital players, cameras, camcorders), bedding, furniture, entertainment, doors, windows, locks, cash, gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, watches, etc. Property is lost due to theft or robbery. After the report is confirmed by the public security department, compensation can be obtained. The partial insurance coverage of portable household appliances is 20% of the comprehensive insurance coverage for additional stolen goods. The partial insurance amount of cash, gold and silver jewelry, jewelry and watches is 10% of the comprehensive insurance coverage. (Every accident is absolutely free of 500.)

Insurance amount $200 - $200,000

Electrical safety for household appliances

Insured damage to household appliances caused by abnormal voltage.

Insurance amount $200-$200,000

Home responsibility

Underwriting in the house and in the exclusive courtyard of the house and on the rooftop will result in compensation for personal injury or property damage caused by accidents. If the insured is brought into arbitration or litigation due to an insurance accident after the accident, the corresponding insurance will be insured. The legal fees paid by the person are compensated by the insurance company.

Insurance amount $300-$300,0000

Insurance Claim

How to claim Blockchain insurance?

The difference between blockchain insurance and traditional insurance is that it is simpler and more convenient. When the policy generated by the insured and the beneficiary is written on the block, the amount of A digital assets is automatically generated. According to the full amount of the insured, the validity period is automatically generated. Advance payment to the beneficiary digital wallet, expiration automatically expires or expires.


What our Clients say?

Life insurance is a contract between an insurance policy holder and an insurer or assurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money in exchange for a premium, upon the death of an insured person.

"Why did we choose GT Insurance ? We feel that choosing an insurance agent is more than just comparing prices. Over 10 years ago we met with GT Insurance to discuss our needs. The personal interaction, attention to detail, and general feeling that GT Insurance cared about our business lead us to choose them as our Agent."

Scott Kremp July 12, 2018

"Why remain? GT Insurance continues to provide great products, pricing and service year after year. Everyone at the company is easily accessible, questions are answered promptly, and they work very hard to settle claims in our favor. In addition, their knowledge of the industry leads to suggested annual policy changes which give us confidence that our business is properly covered."

Micheal Walk Feb 25, 2018

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